This kind of behaviour can spoil your healthy relationship.

Why do relationships often break up? Why are the strands of relationships so tenuous, as they break so quickly? Relationships are complicated as they are fragile. We never think about that but small mistakes can destroy years of love, passion, and trust. So if you are in a relationship and feel that you are suffering from this relationship, then you do not want to continue it, and you feel that you are in a toxic relationship, then you should definitely take Couples Counseling at west palm beach.  Because with the help of counseling you can improve your relationships. Maybe you are doing something wrong, but you are not aware of it. Probably you may not realize what you’re doing wrong. So here is a list of things that can damage your relationship.


Avoid tough conversation

Do you avoid difficult questions and conversations? If you are worried about having a difficult question with your partner, and you think that such a question will affect your relationship, or if you think you will lose your partner, then you are getting it wrong. Always keep in mind that the more you avoid these things, the later this thing can become a big problem for you. And do you know this bad habit is known as stonewalling? That simply means you are actively avoiding painful and emotional subjects but if you never think about those subjects then it can affect the health of your relationship. By avoiding difficult conversations it’s harbouring unresolved issues with your partner.


Too distracted

When you are with your partner, do you keep messaging on mobile and replying to others? Are you giving your partner undivided attention? So you are not giving any attention to your partner, nor your time, which of course, will spoil your relationship. It simply means that you are not with your partner even after being with him/her. You are physically there, but your mind is somewhere else. You never understand the value of quality of time. Remember that when you are with your partner then he/she wants to feel important. They need to know that you enjoy spending time with them. So if you think you are in an unhealthy relationship, then you need to take couples therapy west palm beach.


You get too defensive 

It is very important to have a conversion but you have to take care of some important things. Your partner praises you for maintaining a healthy relationship, and always says what you like. But what happens when your partner says something is wrong, or they bring your weaknesses in front of you. Then how will you react at that time? Obviously, no one likes negative feedback, but sometimes you should accept and at least listen to your partner. So too much defensiveness can be destructive to any relationship. So when you become defensive you will always avoid your partner and stop listening to your partner’s concerns and instead, you try to protect yourself.



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