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Hello! Welcome to Khadfora. The smart legal services

It is a platform that aims to:

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Khadfora offers Lawyers the opportunity to build their profile and stand out. Points and verified marks are earned by answering questions & writing articles among other wonderful features.

Khadfora offers an array of numerous lawyers readily available to answer questions and offer legal services with the option to choose preferred lawyer(s)


Practice Areas

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Federal Law Access

Get access to Nigerian Federal Laws right here on our platform, giving you the tool to know your rights and activities to avoid.​

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Professional Lawyers

By registering on khadfora and asking your legal question in one of our forums, you get access to replies in bulk from our registered professional lawyers, giving you numerous options to choose from.

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Legal Practice

Registering as a lawyer on khadfora, will help you connect with people in need of legal services from all over Nigeria, thereby creating an avenue for a  great practice. To stand out Khadfora gives the opportunity to earn points, ranks badges and a verified mark when articles are published and questions are answered.


How It Works?

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Unregistered User

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  • Ask your detailed legal question right on our home page then choose the category of law that your question belongs to and submit.
  • Get multiple replies from lawyers on khadfora right to your E-mail.
  • Resolve your issue and be on your way or choose to register with us and connect to the lawyer that gave you the best answer to your question in order to get more services from him or her.
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Registered User

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  • Register with khadfora by clicking the registration button provided.
  • Create a discussion from a forum that specializes in the area of law relating to your question and fill in your question details in the fields provided in forums to get multiple responses from lawyers.
  • You also get a dashboard where you can access all your activities including groups, forums and blogs.
  • Also get to ask your question right from your dashboard.
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  • Register with khadfora by clicking the registration button provided
  • And that's all, you will be automatically joined to three groups relating to the area of law that you registered with, and also be subscribed to the forums of those groups in order to allow you to get notified whenever a user starts a discussion in those forums.
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